Reinventing the Future of Cold Expansion

Process Validation

Hoop stress image

Engineered Residual Stress

PartWorks products provide residual stress solutions for the fatigue and damage tolerance enhancement of fastened structure or single pinned joints. We work with customers to identify the critical product and process parameters to drive the design solution. This can include applied interference levels, minimum compression in the structure or not to exceed tensile stress limits. The designed configuration can be evaluated with analytical models, FEA, as well as experimental techniques including digital image correlation (DIC) and physical testing to ensure that the product and installation function as desired.

Handheld Smart Tools

We are developing the world’s first high performance handheld cold expansion tool. Data collected from the tool can validate that the process was done correctly using parameters derived from our extensive fatigue test programs. This ensures that there is documentation that a specific hole was repaired, and repaired properly, which supports the case for life extension credit.
in situ

Advanced In Situ Process Validation

PartWorks is creating a new capability for in-process validation of cold expansion utilizing digital image correlation (DIC). We are presently working on both a standalone system and an integrated tool. Our patent pending system will validate cold expansion of the parent structure for both process validation and life extension credit.

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