Reinventing The Future of Cold ExpansionTM


Corrosion Hole Repair and Prevention

Our bushings and rivetless nutplates bring corroded holes back to nominal with only minimal material removal while maximizing cold expansion and life extension. Data generated from ONR-sponsored research have shown life extension improvements comparable to that of a brand new, uncorroded structure. When combined with our adhesive, our patent-pending repair method holds the promise of providing a long-range barrier to further corrosive damage.

Ultra Thin-Walled Bushings & Advanced Adhesives

Our ultra thin-walled bushings and bushed rivetless nutplates are a breakthrough in preservation, repair, and life extension of corroded and fatigued holes in structure. Combining optimal cold expansion with minimal material removal, plus advanced adhesives, we are taking hole repair to a new level. The life extension performance resulting from this repair is startling. Drilling out less material preserves edge margin, thus preventing a scrapped part. Sustainment programs now have new products, processes, and data to support a new protocol for how and when to repair to achieve life cycle goals and cost avoidance.

Smart Handheld Tools

With our state-of-the-art installation and process validation tooling, an operator will know that the process was done correctly. Data collected from the tool can validate parameters derived from our extensive fatigue test programs. This ensures that there is documentation that a specific hole was repaired, and repaired properly, which supports the case for life extension credit.
in situ

Advanced In Situ Process Validation

PartWorks is creating a new capability for in-process validation of cold expansion utilizing Digital Image Correlation. We are presently working on both a standalone system and an integrated tool. Our patent-pending system will validate cold expansion of the parent structure for both process validation and life extension credit.

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